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Special Guest at Concert

Special Guest at Concert

When the kids discovered that President Uchdorft was in the audience they had a hard time focusing on Masa. President Uchdorft immediately hugged Masa and then spoke with the kids right after their performance. The kids seemed so excited to shake his hand.

We Made It!!!!

We Made It!!!!

Thank you America’s Got Talent!!! We had a wonderful experience. 100 out of 140 kids participated in the audition in Hollywood. A special thanks to Howard Stern for believing in us.



National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer

DESERET NEWS Article reads:

One Voice Children’s Choir sings as members of many faiths in Utah County gathered together for the annual National Day of Prayer in Provo Thursday, May 1, 2014. The National Day of Prayer service brought together 40 different faith groups in Utah County and focused on this year’s theme, “Freedom of Prayer.” Prayer is important because it gives individuals guidance that they cannot get from themselves or others who are “just as fouled up as we are,” said keynote speaker Linda Walton, a chaplain at Utah Valley University. Instead, they are able to learn about right and wrong from God. “If we don’t communicate with God then we’ve got a problem,” Walton said. She helped start the celebration 20 years ago as part of the Utah Valley Ministerial Association and has worked to include all the faith traditions in Utah Valley, even those who consider themselves to be atheist or agnostic.

Photo Credit: Deseret News (Jeffrey D. Allred)


Happy Video with Alex Boye

Alex Boye
Bryce and Laura Johnson
Mandy McCready & Christian at Koko Blush & Co