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Happy Filming

Happy Filming

Happy Faces copy (Large)

130 choir students joined up with Alex Boye to create another amazing video, Happy. This film was produced by Bryce and Laura from GoBig Films. The amazing artists Chris, Mandy and Koko Blush group spent countless hours with costumes, make-up and hair. The video was filmed at the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah. What a treat to see the sharks and spend the entire evening in the lush rain forest. The video premiered at the Aquarium on April 8, 2014.Alex Crop copy (Large)Cast copy (Large)More Cast copy (Large)

Thank You copy (Large)Alex Boye’, Koko Blush, GoBig Films and Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Happy Video with Alex Boye

Alex Boye
Bryce and Laura Johnson
Mandy McCready & Christian at Koko Blush & Co


BYU Men’s Volleyball Game

BYU Men’s Volleyball Game

Saturday, the choir sang the National Anthem for the BYU men’s volleyball game. They were playing UCLA. It was fun to watch such a close game. The kids were all screaming and cheering for BYU. They won 3-1 sets over UCLA.  The choir did an amazing job singing the National Anthem. A couple from Arizona said “The kids were amazing, what a beautiful arrangement.”